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Marine deck crane and Ocean Platform Hangs
Marine deck crane

Shipping crane is the equipment of loading and unloading cargos for the ships in ocean,coast and inner river for domestic and overseas service. Shipping crane has the features of good appearance,rational construction, huge hoisting capacity,and good manipulate performance,etc. Shipping crane is able to gain the approval of each classification society and in line with specifications of each classification society. It achieves the international and domestic standard and it is in conformity with the provisions of "Rules for the Lifting Appliances on Ships and Offshore Installations".

Ocean Platform Hangs
Ocean platform crane is equipment of loading and unloading cargos between the ship and the facilities in the sea and the operator gets to the platform.With features of high safety,maintainability,wind resistance and corrosion resistance,it is also with the characteristics of huge loading,good operating performance,high stable efficiency of transporting,and can do working continuous and frequency.
The boom of the crane is box type or truss type structure.
The crane of our company produced can be approved by every classification society,and comply with the rules of every classification society,achieves to the standard of domestic and international,also can be special designed according to the users’ requirements.
The design of ocean platform crane is in line with regulations of "Rules for Lifting Appliances of Ships and Offshore Installations".

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